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Mayura Gold Short Rib Braised in Kikkoman


1kg short rib

150g good quality beef stock

100g diced onion

100g diced carrot

100g diced celeriac

100g diced leek

3g bayleaf

5g rosemary

10g garlic

30g wholegrain mustard for rubbing short rib

5g porcini steeped in 400ml hot water

500ml good veg stock

300ml kikkoman soy sauce

500ml good quality red wine

Celeriac puree

250g celeriac diced

300ml pure cream

Pressed potato

1.2kg russset potato peeled

300g Softened butter

10g salt

3g cracked black pepper

Pickled shiitake

50g Shiitake

100ml water

70ml apple cider vinegar

30g sugar

1 clove

1 bayleaf

1 star anise

Kikkoman sauce used in this recipe

Mayura Gold Short Rib Braised in Kikkoman


  1. Preheat oven to 90c (you can even cook this over night) slow and low
  2. Season your short rib, seal either in a pan or on the grill till you get a nice even brown coating on the outside. Remove from the heat, leave to cool slightly and the rub with the mustard. Place in a metal roasting tray
  3. In a large pan start to fry off your celery, onion, leek, carrot and garlic until nicely browned. Add your red wine and reduce by two thirds
  4. Add your soy sauce, porcini mushrooms (including the liquid), vegetable stock and beef stock. Add your herbs. Pour over your short rib. Cover the short rib with baking parchment and then foil. Place in the over for at least 8 hours
  5. Once the short rib is soft and the bone can be easily removed, take your ribs out of your sauce. Place the sauce into a pan and reduce by two thirds, remove the bones. Place in a metal tray lined with parchment paper, place parchment on top of the rib and then chill in the fridge with a weight on top to press the meat.
  6. Once your sauce has reduced, strain and leave in a pan
  7. For your potatoes, thinly slice your peeled potatoes and place directly into a large mixing bowl (do not wash of the starch), mix with your softened butter and season. Place into a metal tray lined with parchment. Bake at 170 for 80 minutes. Remove from oven, cover the top with parchment and press using a weight in the fridge until cool all the way through
  8. For your pickle, add sugar, vinegar and water and spices to a pan bring to the boil and then cool, once cooled pour over your sliced shiitake mushrooms
  9. For you celeriac puree, cover your diced celeriac with pure cream, simmer away until your celeriac is tender and can be mashed. Remove celeriac from cream and place into a blender, slowly add the cream whilst blending until you get your desired consistency, keep warm
  10. Remove Potato and short rib from fridge, cut to your desired portion. Place your short rib back into the reduced sauce until warm
  11. Deep fry your potato at 180c, alternatively you can warm back in the oven
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