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Falafel Gnocchi, Mushroom Tarator with Crumpet Spice


Falafel gnocchi 

200 g soaked chickpea (24 hrs)

200 grams soaked fava beans (24hrs)

Handful of Parsley

Handful of coriander

50g shallots

30g garlic

20g salt

600g potato cooked (dry roasted)

3g zaatar spice

Mushroom Tarator (The sauce) 

200g tahini

200ml water

150ml lemon juice

5g salt

40g mushroom powder

40ml light soy

50ml Verjus

Kikkoman sauce used in this recipe

4 - 6
Cook time
Prep time

Falafel Gnocchi, Mushroom Tarator with Crumpet Spice


Method Falafel gnocchi 

Soak the chickpeas and fava beans overnight.

Next day blend the chickpeas and fava beans with your herbs, shallot, garlic and salt to create your falafel base.

Then add the cooked potatoes, zaatar spice and as much flour needed to form dumplings.

Method Mushroom Tarator

Blend all the above together and cook on a gentle simmer and serve with the Falafel dumplings that have been cooked in boiling water for several minutes and pan fried to a golden brown consistency.


Seasonal green leaf like a broad bean leaf

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