Cooking at Home

New Everyday Recipes Cookbook
New Everyday Recipes Cookbook 05/28/21 - 2:54

We’re excited to bring you our new cookbook!
Everyday recipes, is a beautiful collection of dishes you can create at home by renowned Japanese chef Hideo Dekura.
Click here to download your copy

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Kikkoman on Facebook
Kikkoman on Facebook 04/10/18 - 11:25

Join Kikkoman’s Facebook community and be the first to hear about our latest giveaways, recipes and news. Every week until the end of February we’re running Kikkoman Tuesday Trivia – keep on eye on our page to find out how you can participate for a chance to win prizes!

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Whether You Tenderise or Stir Fry, Make it Authentic
Whether You Tenderise or Stir Fry, Make it Authentic 04/9/18 - 11:27

Kikkoman’s range of marinades are perfect for tenderising meat, but did you know they’re also suitable for dipping, basting and stir-frying? Infuse flavour into your dishes with Kikkoman marinades, made with only the best naturally brewed soy sauce. Discover our different flavours and recipes here.

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Food Service

The Professional’s Secret for Fabulous Sauces, Marinades and Stocks
The Professional’s Secret for Fabulous Sauces, Marinades and Stocks 04/13/18 - 11:05

The smart foodservice professionals know the secret of fabulous sauces, stocks and marinades that are packed full of ‘umami’, the elusive fifth flavour that the Japanese describe as “more than delicious”. The key is to use Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. It’s rich, mellow and complex flavour bouquet blends well with other ingredients, ensuring it…

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Why Martin Benn Chooses Kikkoman
Why Martin Benn Chooses Kikkoman 04/12/18 - 11:18

When it comes to flavour, there’s no doubt Martin Benn is a chef who knows his stuff. After beginning his career in London at the Oak Room under Michel Lorrain, Martin learned French gastronomy, working at Landmark and Criterion under Marco Pierre White. Following his relocation to Australia, Martin worked at the famed Tetsuya’s from…

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Your ‘Must-Have’ Ingredient for Authentic Asian Cuisine
Your ‘Must-Have’ Ingredient for Authentic Asian Cuisine 04/11/18 - 11:24

The secret’s out when it comes to imparting that authentic Asian touch to your cuisine – Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is the ‘must-have’ ingredient for switched-on chefs and foodservice professionals. Adding Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce to your dishes is the surefire way to give them that otherwise elusive ‘umami’ – the fifth flavour…

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Hideo – Choose Kikkoman for Authentic ‘Umami’ Flavour
Hideo – Choose Kikkoman for Authentic ‘Umami’ Flavour 04/4/18 - 11:51

Sushi and Kaiseki Master Chef, author and Sydney Seafood School teacher Hideo Dekura has written books on sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki and Japanese cookery and was the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Award for Service to Japanese Food Culture. He also gives demonstrations, lectures and classes in traditional Japanese Cuisine and has opened Culinary Studio Hideo…

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Food Manufacturing

Characteristics of Soy Sauce
Characteristics of Soy Sauce 04/8/18 - 11:30

The difference between brewed and non-brewed soy sauce go far beyond production methods. Brewed soy sauce has almost 300 identifiable constituents amongst ingredients in food products. These work together to create flavour and aroma (a few listed in the accompanying table). They are the direct result of several reactions that take place concurrently during fermentation….

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The Mystery of Umami
The Mystery of Umami 04/7/18 - 11:33

All seasoned cooks have their secret ingredients they use to add that last, elusive layer of flavour to their dish that brings everything together. Asian chefs have been using naturally brewed soy sauce in this capacity for over two hundred years, and now the rest of the cooking world is catching on. Because of the…

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Flavour Enhancement
Flavour Enhancement 04/6/18 - 11:36

Besides contributing directly to flavour and functionality, soy sauce’s composition also makes it useful as a natural flavour enhancer. The overall flavour experience is a combination of several concurrent reactions in the mouth. First, the molecules of various food compositions trigger receptors for the basic taste. Here, olfactory receptors transmit odour perception to the brain,…

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Kikkoman Soy Sauce Applications
Kikkoman Soy Sauce Applications 04/5/18 - 11:48

Looking to boost flavour while keeping your ingredient statement clean? Discover this remarkably diverse natural enhancer that complements a wide variety of applications – not just Asian. With more soy sauce forms than any other company, Kikkoman can help you boost the flavour of virtually any product you’re developing, from soups and sauces to meats…

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