Soy Sauce facts

Naturally Brewed vs. Chemically Made Naturally Brewed vs. Chemically Made

There’s only one way to make the highest quality soy sauce: follow time-honoured traditions that have endured for centuries.

A tale of two sauces

You may be surprised to learn that there are two distinct types of soy sauce on the market today.

Non-brewed soy sauce

Non-brewed soy sauce is made in a matter of days using hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP). Some non-brewed soy sauces have been found to contain possibly carcinogenic substances (chloropropynols) which can occur during the production of acid-hydrolysed protein.

Naturally brewed soy sauce

Naturally brewed soy sauce is made using only highest-quality ingredients and a natural fermentation method (just like wine). A process that takes months, resulting in a rich mellow flavour. Click here to learn the art of natural brewing.