Kikkoman Kitchen Excellence

Emry Jones

Emry Jones

July 2021

We’re exciting to introduce the newest addition to our Kikkoman Kitchen Excellence series, Chef Emry Jones.

UK born, Emry was inspired by cooking with his father at a young age. He started working in kitchens while at school, and then went on to work at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Claridge’s, before setting off travelling. He now lives in Australia and is Head Chef at No.5 Restaurant & Bar in Alexandria, Sydney.

Emry has a very relaxed approach to food. His ethos is simple – that good food really does start with great produce, and treating it with respect. He works hard to make the main ingredient of the dish the champion but with the influence of Asian flavours to complement them, and Kikkoman soy sauce is one ingredient he couldn’t live without. Emry’s culinary influences are Alistair Waddell and Doug Innes-Will.

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